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My life looks like my husband, sister, boyfriend, 18 year old daughter, 10 year old son and almost 3 year old daughter living together with my boyfriend's cat, sisters 3 cats, hubby and my 2 dogs in a house that is in need of asthetic repair but functionally fine on about 1.13 acres.

My dream is for a 20 acre piece of property with 3-5 homes built on it (opposite corners maybe?).
One large on for hubby and I to live in, each of us having our own master suite (bedroom, bathroom, sitting room), a HUGE dining area, large, roomy kitchen, 3-5 extra guest rooms.
One home designed to my sisters specifications.

One home designed to my boyfriends specifications.

One home designed to be comfortable for any/all of our 4 (one doesn't live with us currently) our children and their prospective families to use when visiting.

2-6 horses (just always wanted horses).

A "social area" outside with a pool, garden, bbq area, campfire pit, hot tub to fit 8-10 COMFORTABLY.....

I'm sure I could continue with the dream, but as to a small amount of functioning detail-I would like to be able to have my husband and/or boyfriend stay in my suite at will. I'd like my husband to feel comfortable having me in his suite and any significant other he may have there at will.
I'd also like to be able to go to bf's place and stay if that was what was desired.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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