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Originally Posted by hersweetleaf View Post
I would have to agree. in fact, a few months ago, maybe in September during the seahawks game, a giant house spider walked through a crowd of toddlers at our house. we captured it, and I kept it as a pet. I fed it flies and cleaned its jar. took it to a arachnologist to have it identified as a European house spider. I named it Olivia but later was changed to oliver as it was a male. im still sad.

that's my story of a spider...not the first being caught and treated like a pet. lol
*shudders* I don't see myself ever having a spider as a pet lol. I'm usually the one scaring the crap out of everyone in the house when I suddenly jump up, scream bloody murder, and do what looks like a kicking chicken dance through the house LOL. When I do that everyone goes "yep. she must have seen a spider" LOL. I do, however, tend to adopt everything else...bats, mice, stray cats, snakes, doesn't matter lol.
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