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R gets her own letter now. A big beautiful R. She is the flirt we met two months ago, tall and shy with blue eyes and librarian glasses, the girl I was surprised to find out with A while I was out of town. She travelled this fall and just recently got back to town. She found me and A at the pub the other night and we all three spent the evening drinking together but R declined to join us when we left. It seemed like she kind of wanted to though so when I found myself short handed for the job today, I gave her a call. I really did need help and she turned out to be a great worker but I also knew that time spent working together was likely to bring us closer. It did. Nothing too sexy, I simply found out that she definitely admires me. I like her too and we managed to squeeze quite a bit of conversation in while working together. Mostly about relationships. She is married but has been separated for more than a year. A likes her too and likes the idea that we can possibly mix it up a bit.
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