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I had my thyroid surgery today. Lab results came back benign so only the tumor was removed but in 3 to 5 business days the lab could say cancer. I'm doing good. It's sore but nothing like my c-sections but I can't lay down, that's when it really hurts.

DH is taking awesome good care of me and my metamour and her hub have been so supportive of me, him, us.

Today I have been wide awake, then asleep and eating all within seconds of each other. Guess that's what happens when up at 4 am. And typing/texting makes my eyes close, so weird. Yes it's a struggle a this moment.

DH started a blog. I hope he writes more.

My love life....slow, interesting, guys who "disappeared" or that I "disappeared" from have been in contact with me this week. I began chatting last Friday with someone. It's been different, alas, why are the one's that I do have intellectual, fun conversations with live a few states away? But I like and we chatted on yahoo Monday night. Definitely a way to verify how one looks versus pics.

Okay I'm too groggy.
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