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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
This is in the television and movies as well, the rating systems have always been either so conservative you have to throw them out or they are just so unstably unpredictable you wonder why they have a 'rating system' to begin with if they're going to fight over what is and what is not acceptable to show every half-hour.~
As for the main part of your post, I agree that it's completely subjective - you'll find fifty different people with fifty different ideas, so I'm not going to head down that path here.

As for TV/movie/music/etc. ratings, I personally feel they are a guide to parents. That I, as a parent, should see a flag on the field and investigate to see if I believe this is cause for concern for me and my children. It means that I have homework to do.

However, you have the wide spectrum of human nature, and that level of homework will mean different things to different people, heading out to the two extremes of "let the MPAA/etc do my decision making for me, and everything over <x> rating is forbidden" to "I ignore any and all ratings and brought my 3-year-old to see 'Saw XIII'".

I took my kids (ages 10 and 12) to the latest "Hunger Games" movie over the weekend. I asked around to see what other people thought of the more "scary" scenes, and I made the decision to take my youngest anyway, knowing that she isn't sensitive to action-movie-level violence. She WAS, however, bored to tears at the plot exposition during the first half of the movie. A different child may be more sensitive to the action and scary bits, again, making it subjective.

As for music ratings and "bad words" - meh. My kids hear them, I discuss them, but they still don't cuss like sailors around me. It's more the "Smack My Bitch Up" stuff that I'd rather they know isn't respectful. Not necessarily a bad word or two. Again, subjective. As long as my kids understand respect, I'm okay with them hearing F-bombs in songs.
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