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I'm 28 and he's 26. We've been dating since he was 19. We broke up for 2 years in the middle there. We were not in contact; I dated other people, he did not. So I'm essentially the only person he's dated since freshman year of college. He hasn't been cheated on in the past, but both of us suffer from a similar problem of not feeling good enough for our partner and so always terrified they'll leave us.

Part of the reason I wanted to give us another shot is because I feel like I've wrestled down some of that insecurity. This summer, I pushed him away because I was so sure he was going to reject me. Now, I don't feel that way. I feel I am worthy of love, that someone would be lucky to have me, and that in a relationship I wont' push someone away out of fear of rejection.

He won't set any kind of limits. He says any kind of time limit is an expectation I have no right to set, because of how much I hurt him. But he says he doesn't know what sort of amends I'd have to make, what things I could do to regain his trust. He essentially just wants me to keep working at, without reassure, promise, or any kind of feedback from him. Essentially, to "just see."

Is that fair, do you think?
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