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Sounds like he's still pretty untrusting of you and processing disappointment.

He just reneged out of the blue? Or HOW you phrased your request triggered him into emotional hooha kind of response?

How old are you guys? Was this his first break up? Has he been cheated on in the past with someone else? How long ago was this?

No judgement -- just trying to figure out where his emotions might be at.

Because YOU didn't cheat. You broke up with him. Moved on. From what I understand so far the emotional "volume" seems more than it merits here.

If these are HARD limits that will never change in time for him? Then it is what it is. I do not suggest you get back together with him, hard is it might feel.

If these are SOFT limits for him for X amount of time, for him to regain trust in you and you are willing to serve that time to make amends for the past before these limits are lifted, that's another thing. How long of a time? Just the 3-6 mos? Then reassess?

If so, if that amount of time is worth it to you, then maybe you do meet his requests.

Maybe he's got jealousy fear? If so, maybe reading this together could help?


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