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He says if I date other people, he will absolutely be done with me. He says I broke his trust and destroyed him by abandoning him for a fling, that that if I am trying for a relationship with him, I have to be single.

Last night he also reneged on several of the things he said. He said I have no right to have any kind of demands, expectations, reassurances or guarantees from him because of how much I hurt him. So he refuses to not pursue a relationship with someone else, he refuses to put any kind of restrictions around anything.

The truth is, I am naturally monogamous. And up to this point, he has been to. He also says he wants to be monogamous in the future. I just have no idea how to handle this. I feel very scared and worried that I am doing this without any kind of net. I feel like I am conceding absolutely everything, and aside from "seeing" me he isn't compromising in any way.

Any help or advice is welcome....
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