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Let the emotions come to the surface and bubble themselves out. They are there for a reason and need respecting....

Research together, share dreams and goals and ideas together and find a common ground... remember that you will be inviting others into your lives and will be invited into theirs... your dynamic will change entirely when this happens, as will theirs, so don't think that you will be taking on a pet or anything. I don't mean to sound rude, but some people actually think that they won't change at all, and have the idea that all will be the same, just another body to have around... it sounds like you know a little of all this, so perhaps my advice is moot.

Boundaries seem to work best if they are malleable and living. Keep talking about them and changing them as things come up and you make new realizations about your selves... even let some go as they are no longer needed. Changing and growing is what it is all about in my opinion, so embrace that with open arms and great love for each other, yourself and anyone that comes into your lives.

Lastly, be gentle with yourself and others while being firm and patient at the same time...

Read lots on here and elsewhere too... there is so much info coming onto the net now... we are in good times!
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