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Sooo much has happened lately!

H is now officially dating one of his good friends! They've both been interested in seeing the relationship become more intimate and romantic for a few months, but the timing has just now seemed to work out. Go H! He's all shy and nervous to talk about her too much, and I just love it.

D and I are possibly in the midst of breaking up. Z has said a slew of hurtful things to me to make it painfully clear she does not like, does not like D seeing me, and will not tolerate me affecting her life in any way that she has control over. D doesn't want to break up, but I don't see much alternative unless he wants to have an unhappy home life for the foreseeable future.

B and I are still chugging along as FWB. We talk a few times a week, see each other once a week or every other. It's fun, it's familiar, it's not stressful. Oddly enough, the relationship everyone else calls unhealthy is the one that is functioning as it's supposed to!

I still haven't met OKC guy. He's been sick and his wife has been sick as well, so maybe this weekend? We'll see. Another guy has also contacted me and asked if I'd like to meet for coffee. I'm nervous to start meeting new people, though, because I don't want to get into any kind of rebound relationship if D and I do end up calling it quits.

Y has been amazing through it all. H and I spent a few days with her and her family over the holiday and it was great. Cuddling and catching up on everything. She cooked, I cleaned. Felt like home and family. Wonderful.
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