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Originally Posted by Moonglow View Post
Thank you so much. I appreciate your responses. I do kind of live day to day thinking about things and just wondering where it will lead. I do know it is going out of that NRE phase and into a more settled feeling... with BF as we sort of don't write as many emails and don't see each other every day, etc. We will see each other soon alot because we are working on a community project together and will be getting ready for the presentation soon and so there;s lots of work to do. DH is not involved in this project, (yet) so I'll have to make sure that everybody gets what they need.

My needs are more than being met. I wanted a connection with someone, that I felt was missing, not only did I find one but I rekindled one I didn't think could be repaired. Hope the wave keeps cresting along...

Thanks for your kind comments. I am glad to know we are not out there alone.
Poly is a strange and wonderful thing in this way isn't it? Who would think that having more than one love in ones life would heal and create even more love and bonding with those already in it? It really continues to baffle me that this is so, yet I live it every day.

Our needs become more met and that creates more willingness to make sure others needs are met, which creates more love and more happiness and more security and more joy and better quality of life and sustains me and those in my life.

I have become more beautiful both in and out.... just today I met a woman that I used to work with and she commented to me that I was looking fantastic and more beautiful than ever even though I am older. I look and feel better because I am so fortunate to of figured out that the more I ask for what I need (keeping others in mind as much as myself) the more I receive and the more I can give.

I agree entirely that it is important to take one day at a time and keep a check on your emotions. A positive outlook to success is also helpful I find and a real commitment to finding a way to make it work.

There have been times when my anxiety has hit the roof and my emotions have gone wild, but I have breathed through it and searched my mind and heart for the answers to the problems that arise. Sometimes those issues and problems don't come from where you think they will and it is important to be ready for anything.

With time there is a steady leveling off and some ease of existence that is comfortable.... this was my goal, and was achievable when I let it all come to me, without forcing anything... time and patience, talking, being aware of myself and asking questions about how the others were doing... then empathizing and giving as much as I can... in order to receive.

I was very patient with Mono and still am. More, perhaps, than with a poly lover because he is monogamous. He doesn't understand how I think and I don't think ever will. It is probably not possible. I have come to terms with our differences and love them for what they are. This acceptance has set both of us free... or at least is well on it's way to doing so.
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