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I don't avoid "mono people" unless it is someone who blatantly says he is looking for his One and Only or something like that. I feel that there are plenty of guys out there who would be cool with non-exclusivity but may never have heard the word "polyamory" or don't understand fully what it really means. I don't mind educating them if there is a strong attraction between us. Why pass up something that could be really good based on an assumption that he is mono and would not be ideal? I was monogamous for 50 years before I discovered polyamory.

I tend not to classify potential dates into poly or mono, or other categories like "wants long-term" or "casual fling only," until I get some kindof feel for who they are and what they're about - and that takes some communication. I like to see what the dynamic is and if we hit it off first. It would be part of our getting-to-know-you stage, but I have no formula for when such things are discussed. Not sure if I made sense. I know this has been discussed here before and I recall some interesting perspectives being shared in another thread a while back.
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