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Well okay, but I didn't mean for anyone to click on *all* those links; just the ones that caught whose-ever's interest.

Most of the Alaska Natives links hook up to small bite-size bits of info. But the Mormon culture links lead to big huge treatises, and if simple tidbit sized paragraphs that others can easily read be the point/objective of this thread, then copying/pasting the stuff from those links would only then overwhelm this thread (and drive off the potentially interested).

By the way, the first "Mormon link" I mentioned led straight to a post that I already posted in this thread, so, too late to undo that damage.

I could compile the Alaska Native links into one (relatively) long post but I'm just too darn lazy (and pressed for time: in less than three hours I must unplug my computer and it could be weeks before I get back to this thread). So maybe LR will use those links and compile that info (since I know she's got lotso time, ).

Didn't intend to be a buzzkill, just supposed in my own mind that one or two people here or there might find one or two links helpful (or intriguing).

But let's nevermind about the links for now. Just ask me questions about the cultures I know of (e.g. Mormon, Utahn, Michiganian, or New Mexican), and I'll gladly answer them as well as I can. Keeping in mind, of course, that Mormon culture happens to be my specialty.

Other than that, pay me no mind; fly on the wall, fly on the wall.

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