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Thank you so much. I appreciate your responses. I do kind of live day to day thinking about things and just wondering where it will lead. I do know it is going out of that NRE phase and into a more settled feeling... with BF as we sort of don't write as many emails and don't see each other every day, etc. We will see each other soon alot because we are working on a community project together and will be getting ready for the presentation soon and so there;s lots of work to do. DH is not involved in this project, (yet) so I'll have to make sure that everybody gets what they need.

My needs are more than being met. I wanted a connection with someone, that I felt was missing, not only did I find one but I rekindled one I didn't think could be repaired. Hope the wave keeps cresting along...

Thanks for your kind comments. I am glad to know we are not out there alone.
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