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Default Family Values

Family a weird ring to it doesn't it?~

What exactly does it mean...?~ Hmm?...~

My perspective is that it is completely subjective to whom ever you ask.~

My main issue with these terms and this subject in general is that often people in conversations will some times mention some thing like, "But what about the kids?" and my response is, "Well what about the kids is relevant to this conversation?"

I'm not talking about just being sexual or cussing or violent or some thing like that, I'm also talking about how some people will mention the tiniest hint of referring to children or 'family' like it should snap us all back to the 1950's.~

The problem with this if you do not state your "Family Values" people will often assume your values are the same as their's or that your values are some how the most conservative and repressive possible.~

This is in the television and movies as well, the rating systems have always been either so conservative you have to throw them out or they are just so unstably unpredictable you wonder why they have a 'rating system' to begin with if they're going to fight over what is and what is not acceptable to show every half-hour.~

I'm talking about the U.S.A. just to be clear.~
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