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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
@ LR ... perhaps I may be of some assistance?

For stuff about Alaska Natives, click on ...
... ignoring just the last bit of that last post linked to above.

For a bunch-o-stuff about Mormon culture, click on ... ... and just ignore the stuff about the Giants and Thomas Covenant.

For a bit more stuff about Mormon culture, click on ... and (ignoring the disturbing references to Dirtclustit)

And bonus: The Community of Christ (a.k.a. RLDS church) is a split-off from the "main Mormon church" and you can read more on that by clicking on ...

As for the "main Mormon church" ... I'll happily answer any questions you folks may have for me. (But I might get pulled away from my computer for a week or something while my poly companions and I are trying to move to Seattle so have patience.)
Um, sorry Kevin but the point of this thread is to "share" information on different cultures in a way that is simple-tid-bit sized paragraphs that others can easily read, I don't think it's very helpful to post a bunch of links with no paragraphs in this thread going into detail about what the links lead to, because I don't really expect that many people to get all their information from just clicking links we post here and adimittedly that feels a little tedious.~

Sorry, just trying to help.~


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