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Ok so my wifey ( LR ) asked me to give my two cents ( without reading hers first) in this situation. So here goes

I would first echo evrything that the others said. Having not read LR's post, I have a suggestion that Im betting will help you feel better about yourself and the love you share with your Hubby.

Make a list of the reasons that you "think" your husband will like this other woman more then you. Then ask your husband to make you a list of the reasons he loves you and the things he finds exciting and sexy about you. Ask him to be detailed.

Im willing to bet that when you compare the two lists you will see that the depth of your husbands list will be so " REAL". I bet you will see that he "LOVES YOU" and will forever find you hot and sexy.

You want to know what SEXY is???? You want to know what is HOT???
Confidence, confidence in yourself, confidence in your love for each other, sexual confidence. Its all about confidence. I hear women say all the time that the guy has to be confident. Well from this guys point of view so does the woman. Its very hot. Its very sexy. Confidence dosent mean that you have to be " in charge" it means being sure of yourself.

Try to remember that we are our own worst critics. We all fall prey to these feelings.Ill be turning 40 this year and Im not as fit as I once was. Im gettign lines around my eyes and gray hairs in my gotee. I wake up with a sore back and I have body parts that hurt ( that I didnt even know I had ). But when I take my wife in my arms and I smile into her eyes ( yes I said smile into her eyes ) we are beautiful, hot and sexy.

Im sure LR gave you some advice about maybe doing somthing sexy with your hubby. That way you can see his reaction and you can prove to yourself that he finds you irresistable. Well DO THAT!!!! If nothing else you and your hubby will have a good time and Im sure you will see that its not all the little ( young, tight, perfect ) parts that matter. Its the full package that matters. There's no way in HELL that I would trade any part of my wifey in. NO WAY NO HOW. She is hot , sexy , beautiful and irresistable because she is " she". She has built a love with me that is soul deep not skin deep.

If you need to talk more feel free to PM me anytime.

Ok now I can go back and read LR's post

Peace and Love

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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