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Originally Posted by BriarRoseMcDougal View Post
Not to derail this thread, but I came here yesterday, looking for answers, looking for peace...openly poly for almost a year, but closet poly all my life...this statement above reconciled my challenge I was having....and gave me the peace I needed. Thank you.
Awww BriarRose... you did not derail the thread only added to it!! I'm glad you got something out of what GroundedSpirit had to say! Blessings!

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
keep at it and look for doors opening, because they will. It's amazing what time does, it makes changes we aren't aware of just yet. It softens things. Be confident in that and keep at being yourself. I'm living proof that anything is possible if you dare to be you.
Thanks so much for your words of wisdom redpepper This very short journey of actually embracing (facing) who it is I am has given me a sense of freedom even in the backdraft of adversity. A scriture that I used to stand on, and that your post reminded me of as I mulled your words over in my head (along with all the other craziness that has filled my mind the past few days), is ... "and the truth will set you free"... that scripture has resonated in me for several years and I've come to a greater understanding of it and because of it. I think guilt and shame (because of what others believed or thought of me) has held me back from the truth of myself and the truth in knowing (heart, mind and soul) that He is with me... WITHIN me and FOR me no matter what other religious dogma others choose to follow.
Now that I am choosing to follow that truth about myself...those doors are opening and I'm experiencing joy again!! *hugs!*

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