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Thanks! As I said, I was surprised I handled it was well as I did. I guess the unknown is scarier than the reality. There's still a lot of ground to cover, but it feels just a bit less overwhelming today.

On a selfish note, it would be easier for me if it was only one guy to adjust to. At least at this early stage. And Poly Guy is actually pretty cool and I can see how he is good for her. Also, he understands my journey and is willing to give us both the time we need to make this transition. And I believe he will remain her friend and confidant regardless of what happens. While NY Boy is exciting, I worry about him in the mix while this is still so new. But ultimately she needs to come to her own conclusions. Though she does feel like he has been misrepresenting his true intentions and seems close to ending it with him. But I'll keep out of it unless asked.

Thanks again GG. You have been a calming voice in the midst of my brian storm the last few days.

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