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Default New here, not new to Poly.....

Openly poly for the last year...but lived in a Poly V relationship, before I knew what poly was, for seven years. Widowed, 3 kids, 17, 10,(girls) and the 4 year old autistic son. Orphaned about 8 years ago..both parents to same kind of cancer within 24 hours of each other, lived on opposite coasts, divorced 34 years. My brother is around here somewhere, and is heavily involved in We hope to round up enough frequent flyer miles to get me a ticket to GA for that..I'm in Tacoma WA...

Currently involved as "secondary" in a V relaitonship and before you take my head off about using secondary, I only use that to show that he lives with his partner and their kids, and I do not live with them....she is primary in my eyes because they share finances and parenting and everything else a co-habitating couple share...where as he and I share a very deep and meaningful love, but I have my own house, my own finances, and my own kids....

would be nice to be someone's primary someday, but I"m not in any hurry for that. Not interested at all in a live-in triad either. I may be Hot....I may even be a Babe, and I am for sure bi...but by no means am I a "hot bi babe"... :P

So, hi, hopefully I haven't pissed off too many people with my introduction.

Glad to be here. already found wisdom worth writing in the daily journal and reciting every day.
If you don't like where you stand, move!
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