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Yes I have stubborn hope for the human race; many humans are already figuring out ingenious solutions for age-old problems! It's a spark that could spread. A good spark.

Thinking long and deep is a great thing to do, I'm with you there. Every day that we live is an opportunity to learn new things, realize new things, and become a better person. Let us never take that opportunity lightly!

And as I mentioned in one of these threads awhile back, "superiority" seems to me to be virtually nothing more than a word of sheer silliness that doesn't really say anything. What's "superior," anyway? It seems to me that the whole Universe (Multiverse?) simply is what it is.

Don't get me wrong, I do bask in the conveniences of modern first-world life. But I do try to keep contemplating things as I go along. Hey, even if I only improve in some little way here or there, that's still progress for me, by extension for humanity, by extension for all living things, and by extension for all things period. Progress perhaps that's no stronger than Pluto's faint tug on Mercury, but it's still a slight alteration in the course of things.

Humans have no great "importance" in this world; they're just interesting (sometimes inspiring, sometimes horrifying) creatures. We flatter ourselves about making what we think are great choices, but as I let slip earlier, I'm not even so sure we have free will ... it's more a: genetics, experience, and environment combine to add up to what we'll do. So humility behooves us, as does some kind of sympathy even for guys like Hitler. Even assuming we have souls: How'd you like to be the luckless bloke who had Hitler's soul? If you do good in the world, thank the stars or God or fate or whatever you believe in, and be happy to have been a part of something good.

Bit off-topic I admit, but my point is, there's no reason why humans need to think they're some kind of "extra special superheroes" or something. The example of all living things lies before us: Do the very best you can with whatever knowledge and abilities Nature (in her vast complexity) has bestowed on you.

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