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Ah, but y'see, I fervently believe in that far-off utopia. Alas it's much too far off for me to see it in my day, but you're 100% right in saying that passing good memes/examples down to your kids is an invaluable service, both to the kids themselves, and to humanity as a whole.

As to your chilling avatar ... haha, ya had me going for a moment too! Sometimes I still get tricked again when I heven't looked at it for awhile.

Naturally my first thought is, "Oh no, that looks like the body of a brown recluse" ... but then I think, "Ah wait, brown recluses actually have a white or off-white body, not a black body. And they're not New Mexico natives, so I'm being silly."

Spiders: so fascinating and yet so creepy. That's my view of them anywayz.

Kevin T.
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