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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I also didn't realize that's what demisexual meant. I've heard the term once or twice, but didn't give it much thought. I'd say that description works for me, as well. I can appreciate the aesthetic attractiveness of a stranger ("Wow, she's pretty. I like her cheekbones."), but it never gives me that tingly feeling between my legs.
Yup, and it gave me the "light bulb" moment when I realized that I've never gone all tingly for a celebrity, or a hot bod, or even someone we kinda barely knew. When my friends were swooning over wanting to go to bed with someone, I was like, "Well, he's hot..". but I didn't share their enthusiasm and was kind of personally "icked out" by the idea of going to bed with someone I didn't know or trust.

Before finding the label, I always said it was because I needed to trust someone before getting intimate with them. Who knows if that's part of it or not, or just some brain/emotional connection thing that happens a bit differently from most. I just know that it hasn't really been a problem in my life - just makes my "going to bed with someone" pool a bit smaller. I don't really mind that.
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