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Originally Posted by Bawdysattva View Post
I've known that I was poly before I'd even heard of the word. Even before I started dating, monogamy never made sense to me. It seemed like an unnecessary restriction; as though people expected to "own" their partners' bodies like property.

If my lifestyle choice is eliminating 90% of my prospective partners, while the partners who are left are splitting their time between other men and me, is this really a good strategy for finding happiness? Wouldn't I be better off just finding one monogamous girl?

That feels like self-denial. I am polyamorous; I'm never going to believe that monogamy is the "best" or the "healthiest" lifestyle choice, and I'm always going to feel like my "ideal" world is a poly world.
These statements lead me to ask if you're aware of the reasoning you use certain terms like "own", "property", "restriction"? "Never going to believe"?

The fact that you've "always known" and use of absolute terms leads me to wonder if and what seemed to instill poly in you... seems an innate part of you in a society that perscribes to monogamy. If you are aware of this or not, perhaps the answers to your questions might lie there. Just an idea
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