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Originally Posted by Bluebird View Post
I absolutely don't want to be someone's "experiment" with non monogamy.
Myself, I wouldn't write it off completely, but I would certainly keep some walls up and we would never be all that close. But I find value in many levels of relationships, I don't feel the need to go "all in" with everyone to get something that benefits us both. I also wouldn't ever change any plans I had to make time for them, for example.

Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
In some poking around online recently, I found that I seem to fall into the "demisexual" bracket - that I don't really GET attracted to people until there's a connection. There's no lust for the hottie at the bar, that type of thing (although I can certainly aesthetically appreciate a nice-looking person ).

No desire to use it as a label for myself, but it explains that piece of me very well, I think.
I can relate to both of those statements. I like finding labels just for the sake of exploring other aspects of people who identify with them and seeing if I can learn anything that resonates with me. Once I absorb the parts that interest me, I promptly abandon the label.

I also didn't realize that's what demisexual meant. I've heard the term once or twice, but didn't give it much thought. I'd say that description works for me, as well. I can appreciate the aesthetic attractiveness of a stranger ("Wow, she's pretty. I like her cheekbones."), but it never gives me that tingly feeling between my legs.
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