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Originally Posted by ButtercupGirl View Post
Hi there! I am feeling compelled to respond to the idea expressed in this thread that it would EVER be acceptable and/or understandable for someone to not disclose that they have an STI. I find this idea horrifying. I understand that the stigma related to having an STI would be very difficult to live with and could limit who is willing to engage in sexual activity with you, but it is NEVER okay to knowingly expose someone to what you have, no matter how small you believe the risk of transmission is! I very much agree with the people who said there is no such thing as discrimination when it comes to sex. SEX is not a RIGHT. And no one has the right to have sex with someone and risk the other person's health! Furthermore, in many states knowingly exposing partners to an STI is a crime... in some cases a misdemeanor and in others a felony. And if I were ever in a situation when I contracted an STI from a partner who had intentionally not disclosed their status, I would not hesitate to file charges.
Just out of interest, do you inform everyone you come into contact with that youve had a cold or flu recently? You know, for someone who has a compromised immune system, it could kill them. At best, herpes is an unpleasant skin condition.

But as I've said over and over and over, I don't think non disclosure is right, ethically speaking, but in the current climate of ignorance where people protect the medically vulnerable from an inconvenient skin condition but don't take extra precautions to ensure they don't die of a respiratory infection, I can understand why it is tempting not to say anything. And that is what makes it risky for everyone.
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