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I've had the same feelings and was in that exact situation. I've questioned my age (25). Am I emotionally mature enough to handle the work that will come from my heart's desires. Is this really okay. Am I trying to fill a void from a relationship that is lacking. Is this fair to them. Ect ect ect. The fact is I genuinely love my boyfriend. And I've learned that age has nothing to do with my ability to make this work. I want them both for the rest of my life as do they so I work for what I want and that's all there is to it. I still feel like I'm just greedy sometimes, but I work on it when that thought comes up. I find my affirmation that this is in fact okay when we all are together (boyfriend is long distance so it's a rare thing at the moment) and the house is warm and we all are oozing a peaceful happiness. It fits us. It's right for us. US. Not just me. I still have to confirm this from time to time because this is a happiness I have never known and I want to always make sure that I'm not blinded to their feelings of our poly relationship by that happiness.
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