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Originally Posted by Juliana View Post
He (the non marital partner) is a dom, but considers me his girlfriend, spiritual and life partner and a queen more than a sub.

He has had subs while we were together and always valued and prioritized my time with him, which is hard to arrange due to having families and living far away. But we prioritized our relationship and he put me first.
As I read the OP and then the first few responses I felt so confused as I didn't interpret it the same. Does it not say "HE" considered her more than a sub, telling her she's a "Queen"? And I never once got from this OP she's vanilla but actually in a D/s relationship with him.

I have to say I love that GalaGirl never judges an OP, that she asks if her interpretation is right or wrong and lays down choices for the OP to ponder and make. Those are posts that many of us are coming here for, not to be judged & found guilty of some unknown poly crime by the holier than thou poly perfectionists.
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