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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post
"more than a sub"
See, I took that not as "better than a sub" but "rather than a sub."

I've used that phrase before myself, so maybe I can relate... "I'm feeling disappointed more than sad."

"I was this and this and this more than a sub" does not, to me, sound the same as "I was this and this and this. I was more than a sub."

I can see both interpretations, and I can see how the "superior to a sub" interpretation would evoke opinions of privilege and "you got what you deserved." But I find that communication is more effective when I give people the benefit of the doubt and choose the more generous interpretations.

Originally Posted by pulliman View Post
There's an ignore feature? Gotta look into that. I've been really frustrated by the direction some of these conversations take. Over. And over. And over.
I prefer not to use ignores. It confuses me when someone responds to someone I have on ignore. I prefer to remain "in the loop" and then practice my ability to ignore people whose opinions aren't worth a response.
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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