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Reread a couple of things. Do you really not get along with him? There's a big difference of how to work it out if the two of you don't get along or if you are just intimidated by him. If the two of you don't get along my suggestion, which would need both of you to accomplish is to find some type of bond. I've come across alot of people in my life where it seemed we just rubbed each other the wrong way, but for one reason or another we were in each others lives so I tried to find that bond. Not friendship of suddenly liking their personality, but getting to a place where I could be civil and respectful without TRYING to be civil and respectful while being miserable in their presence. But for the most part it takes both people to accomplish such a thing and it would seem as though it would be you that would need to take the first step in initiating that convo.

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