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Originally Posted by hersweetleaf View Post

your picture freaked me out. I thought there was a spider on my laptop! =)
LMAO! It did that to me as well the first time I saw it. I'm petrified of spiders, but I found it hilarious and wanted to give others the hilarity of nearly smacking their laptops as I did lol.

Kevin, thank you for the reply. I'm glad someone realizes that the kids are important, just as much as we realize it. That's why I can't understand why people can't sacrifice their petty differences or selfishness in order to give their kids the best they can. It's like a lot of people fail to realize that to cultivate their minds, hearts, spirits, and beings is not important. But it is important, simply because 1. our children deserve to know happiness and 2. they are our future and our legacy. If we can't make changes to our world or society ourselves, then why not give our kids the tools to be able to do so themselves. Even if it isn't changed right away, they pass their knowledge on to their children and maybe that generation can know better peace, acceptance, and humanitarianism amongst our fellow humans than we currently have. We may never become a world utopia, but any positive steps is worth it.
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