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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

Thanks Colors.


Do you mean, is "gal" appropriate in the workplace? I think you could get away with it in most workplaces. Maybe not the super-formal ones.

In a formal workplace, "men" and "women" will tend to the proper terms. "Gentlemen" and "ladies" for the really fancy places.

I don't think society's rules about what is or isn't the appropriate word/s for men and women are very cemented yet. There's some squishiness going on. I mostly try to just think of what words "feel" the most appropriate for the situation at hand.

And promptly prepare to apologize as necessary.

Kevin T.
I just got confirmation about "informal words" use in the military, it is not acceptable on-duty for any one to use these terms in reference to any individual but under certain circumstances these terms may be acceptable if addressing a large group, the exception is in the case of the Recruiters because Recruiters must be a sort of "hybrid" of "civilian and military talkers" in order to be approachable and an understandable inter-medium between the "Civilian world" and the "Military world".~

But a recruiter told us, "When in doubt, always use the most formal terms possible and in the military that is always the Rank and Last Name.~" Calling some one by their last name alone is only acceptable between you and some of the same rank as you and whom you might have a friendly relationship with.~
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