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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
In some poking around online recently, I found that I seem to fall into the "demisexual" bracket - that I don't really GET attracted to people until there's a connection. There's no lust for the hottie at the bar, that type of thing (although I can certainly aesthetically appreciate a nice-looking person ).

No desire to use it as a label for myself, but it explains that piece of me very well, I think. It's also why all this dating talk is kind of speculative for me, since I'd have to be in the situation where I'm either online dating or doing something else where I'm spending a lot of time in the "getting to know you" phase. I really haven't been in that situation.
Thats neat. Didn't realize there was a label for that, I suppose there is a label for anything though.

I am the opposite. I can develop a deep lust or craving without even knowing the person. Actually I tend to develop lust, physcial connection and then emotional connection. Its rare to go the other way.

Actually, the incident that put me off most happened when I was "just fucking". Basically this guy started trying to like cuckold my partners by saying things like "If you were getting good sex, you wouldn't be here now". I really thought this guy understood the poly thing and that I wouldn't be okay with him saying those kinds of things.
Just plain poor form. Unfortunate you had that experience
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