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She felt by nature that she is bisexual and polyamorous. I was floored and I refused to accept that kind of life for us.
How long ago was this?

This sounds like a hard limit to me. Like...

"Ok, you are bi and polyamorous. But to participate in relationship with me, you must know I'm not up for a polyshipping model."

My intention with poly isn't to save a relationship so much as to give her an option that may be enough to fill her heart and feel completion.
Other than her cheating on you and taking up with a guy without your blessing (from the sound of it, correct me if I am wrong) and then later telling you she is breaking up with you to go move in with him...

What has happened recently for you to change your mind about polyshipping as a hard limit and make you believe this is the best option for YOU at this time? So that you enter it with joy in your heart and eager to participate? What options does polyshipping give YOU that you are eager to have and enjoy?
I can keep loving the only woman I have ever truly loved.
You can't keep loving her if she moved?
You can't keep loving her if you are no longer engaged to be married?

I would prefer to be alone and have no one else.
Could you please clarify this?

Alone by yourself? If so, how's you entering polyshipping at this time YOU honoring your own preference for solitude?

Or "alone" (just you + your GF) in relationship and not polyshipping with others? If so, how is you entering polyshipping at this time YOU honoring your own preference for monoshipping?

She doesn't have to be the one filling the GF shoes for you to have (just me and my GF) style relating that you prefer.

Just trying to understand your thought process here. Because I am confused and don't see how polyshipping at this time could serve YOU well.

You seem in danger of doing less than self-respecting behavior. Considering doing things you really don't seem to want to do (polyship) because you want to be able to avoid something else you don't really want to do. (accept a break up).

If you want to do neither because both suck? Not all choices in life are "win or lose." Some are "which sucks least."

Could pick which sucky choice is self respecting. To me -- I think breaking up and honoring your own limits/preferences above is more self-respecting than going against your own grain and ignoring your own limits/preferences and trying to polyship while in poor health.

What do you think?

Hang in there,

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