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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
In general, it sounds like your dyadic relationship is growing in depth and in wholesomeness, and while your trio relationship with her and her husband isn't digging as fast or as deep, it is getting there, little steps at a time.

I like the general tone about how everything went, how well you stood on your own two feet when she couldn't there, and how that calm patience paid off in the sweetest touch and cuddles. My current theory (corrections welcome) is that you and she love sex, but love the cuddling even more. When you were reunited your priorities were, "Let's kiss and cuddle first, we can have sex later!" which speaks to what you were both (patiently) missing.
Well, if it hadn't been that time of the month, we would not have stopped at cuddling. It is true though that when we do just cuddle, it's perfectly blissful, not lacking anything, and simply exquisite. After that three hour cuddle, I jokingly told her that we better reserve five hours for our next session of love making. Usually we only need two or three hours but the pent up desire was delightfully obvious. We saved it though and she spent the night Saturday so we had all the time we needed.

So what does everyone think about telling the children? He wants her to come clean to them and actually said that Saturday night was the last overnight until she does. My kids know but they are older. Her youngest is ten and the problem is that when my gf spends time with me, her younger child continuously pesters their dad, asking every twenty minutes or so, "Where's mom?" She's planning to tell them this coming weekend. She said that she doesn't care who knows about us except for her mother in law and that the kids are likely to let it slip so it's causing her some stress. The kids probably already know. I went out with all of them last night. Her, her husband, and both their kids. It seemed from the way the kids looked at me that they knew already.

The trio aspect of the relationship does seem to be moving along smoothly. She actually relayed a message from him where he was asking me for advice about something and we've had some other three way conversation where he chimed in while I was texting her. I feel a lot more comfortable now about how he is accepting her choices. The water is still deep but we've found a good stroke that will keep us afloat.

Elsewhere in local polyamory, the gentleman, T, that I met during my adventure the other weekend is wanting to "get involved in the local polyamory scene". I don't think there is a scene. There's him and his partner and their lovers, my friends that he was out with, my ex wife and her partners, and not too many others that any of us know about. How does one develop a polyamory scene?
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