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Originally Posted by jv02vd View Post
What if you and their primary don't get along, would that make a difference?
I can answer from the POV of primary . My boyfriend had another for a while. She and I didn't get along at all. We could play nice & be polite but that was as far as it went. I haven't seen her in nearly six months and I'm quite fine with that. She recently had her third child and I went with b/f to pick out a baby gift for her & would have gone with him to deliver it and see the baby but I wasn't well that day so chose not to so I didn't make anyone else sick.

It's OK not to get along with a partner's significant other as long as it doesn't cause more drama than can be handled by any of the partners.

I've never approached anyone about them being in a poly relationship with me but I have had someone approach me and I can say it took some thought, introspection and discussion with primary to come to the decision which was right for all of us .
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