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Smile It's Been Awhile

Well, I haven't been on for quite sometime. When I was here last, I had shared that I had a girlfriend. Creating a "V" with me at the hinge. Well, we broke up. It was a little sad, but I know it was for the best and totally necessary for me to feel better and also so my primary relationship would stay in tact.

Fast forward a couple of days. I reconnected with a girl I hadn't spoken with since last September. We hit it off again and started talking about the possibility of a relationship. I talked with my husband and we decided we wanted to try again with someone new. (Now I know it hadn't been that long since my break up, but really I have been emotionally disconnected from that relationship for awhile.) We went to dinner with "J" and we all hit it off. We have been in a realtionship for a month and it feels really good. We are much more compatible in so many different ways. And this is more like a triad. I am still the hinge, but "J" and my husband get along great. The other thing is that she lives locally, more long distance relationship!
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