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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post
Who was being pointlessly rude? I softened my critique with advice on coping.
My point is there was little need for critique in the first place, you made an assumption based upon the way the OP was written, I just saw floral language, you otoh saw an insult were probably none was meant. Better to at least ask than assume the worst and come across like a rude person.

London might have offered more hostility, but she was merely defending kink relationships.
I am pretty sure kink relationships can survive without London's pointless help.

Sometimes a dose of cold reality is what people need, not unthinking validation. Being "nice" is overrated.
Clearly she did not need it, she did not like it and you just ticked a new person off for no good reason than to make yourself feel better...bully for you, have a cookie!

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