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Originally Posted by Juliana View Post
Thank you to those of you who put compassion, reason and thought into responding instead of just throwing insults. I talked with him, and in fact it was not me being a spoiled brat like a couple of you threw out so enthusiastically. There were some real things going on and some fairly important adjustments made. I was hoping this might be a good forum for dialog about dynamics in poly relationships and wonder if perhaps I triggered a couple of you? Anyway, I hope things go well for all of you and that you find support from eachother.
Your attitude towards the new girl and kink were rather condescending. Apologize if you felt attacked, but when you say things like he treated you like a queen and a girlfriend, "more than a sub," how he "had" subs like they were objects to be used, how you were devastated that this sub was "upgraded" to a "relationship," well, you must understand that doesn't come across well to some people.
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