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You've seen my calender Derby... its just is like that, busy and most of what I talk about with those I want to see is when!

I have fucked up so many times with getting times wrong, so I try to always check and hope people have patience. Those who don't live the way I do aren't as patient. They think I don't want to see them, which is far from the truth!

My sister in law for instance who has decided will come and visit this weekend. I have a full schedule already with little to no room in it. She is aggravated that I have made plans, but really they were made about two weeks ago. I try and make long term plans because I like to look forward to things and short term plans because I like to be busy and then leave a little extra time for stuff to come up.

I have somethings set more in stone than others so that I make sure they happen... Tuesday and Friday are Mono night sleepovers. Sunday is Nerdist's night... and sometimes another night if we can actually go and do something. Monday is more of an at home night, Thursday is a gym night for me and that leaves Wednesday and Saturday. The days are filled with work and child. Sigh... I love it, but it becomes a navigational nightmare sometimes... where I get little to no time for me...

I'm getting better at that though and better at keeping everyone up to date. Mono has a calender I bought him that I up date once a week almost. It tells him when and what we are doing. He leaves it all up to me to organize his social life, pretty close to that anyways... Nerdist I kick out of the house once in a while as he becomes a permanent fixture otherwise. he comes and goes on being social... he gets overwhelmed by too much and then hermits again. We have all worked it out now and it hums like a fine machine at the moment. Took some growing pains, but we got there. I'm sure it will change again though. change is inevitable.
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