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Originally Posted by london View Post
So if you were dating again, would you actively avoid dating poly men? As in reject them regardless of how compatible they seemed in other ways?
I've had three relationships in my life, and outside of the first (which was in high school), I've been friends with the people first. I can't actually say, as I don't date like "normal people". Typically, I'll be friends with them, develop a connection, and THEN want to date/get into a relationship.

All this "dating" talk, then, is somewhat speculative. While I can't actually say that I would flat-out reject anyone, I would certainly be reluctant to date anyone who was poly. P lived 1.5 hours away when we started our relationship. I'd be reluctant to casually date anyone that distance away, as well.

Not trying to offend, but given the emotional wrangling I've dealt with in my relationship with P (and the scheduling - MY GOD, the scheduling!), I'm not in any rush to do it again with someone I barely know.

This doesn't preclude the theoretical possibility of dating someone else I was good friends with, who happened to discover that he was poly as well. If I already have a connection, there is motivation to put in the work.
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