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I ADORE Doctor Who!

I'm not sure how to feel about the 50th anniversary.. o_O

I mean, on the one hand--TIME LORDS! They're out there! Gallifrey is out there, waiting to be found! Bad Wolf! Peter Capaldi! All the Doctors, working together! And he never destroyed his people!!

But on the other hand.. it was like Moffat was spitting in the faces of the writers SINCE THE REBOOT. The entire basis for the Doctor up until this point was that he destroyed his people, and that guilt weighing so heavily on him influenced almost all of his actions. And now it's like.. a BIG reset button. Like, NOPE, never happened! I read an article the other day about how Moffat can't write about grief, and it just.. seems to play on that, MAJORLY. If you can't write grief, you shouldn't be writing.. sigh.

But I did, overall, enjoy the special. And I'm so excited for what's coming. And I really hope Osgood (AND Clara, I love her) will be the Doctor's companion. I mean, the curator (him..) gave her the scarf, and she grew up with the thought that the Doctor will protect her, but then she can still save herself.. oohhh I just love her to bits!

Oh man. This was way longer than I intended. Well. You got me going on my favorite show. :3

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