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Hello! I am the aforementioned fiancee. I'm Elyse.

A bit about me--and US, Dom.. yes, I'm looking at you!

I'm 20 years old, and a student. I'm asexual, but panromantic. I have DID (more.. a LOT more.. about that in my intro in that sub-forum).
We're looking for a lovely lady to be intimate with, and snuggle with, and share that deep emotional bond.. but also to be our best friend. That's important to us, in a relationship. Dom is my best friend, and he was before we were together. That's one of the keys to a successful relationship, in my opinion.

We spend a lot of our week together. It's not necessary to see you, Future Girlfriend, every day, unless you want to, of course!

We're pretty laid back, generally. Lately we've been staying in a lot, I'm not really sure why.. But we do like going out. Unfortunately I've got until July until I can go out drinking and such, but that doesn't stop us from, say, going to Half Moon Bay for a romantic beach daytrip, or going out to (ugh) the mall to walk about, or a few hours here and there at the bookstore. Or wherever! We're open to ideas, FG.

I'm excited. Dom's excited. We're both excited! We can't wait to meet our third.
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