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Hahaha!! I agree with Gemini Girl !!! and for me and my's about the quality of the time spent together not the quanity. I don't tend to spend more than 15 hours at a time with a partner (including sleep time) and only once a week to twice a month with each one...... just because I like a lot of alone time for myself. We do things in groups too which is fun and stimulating also. One night, it was me, Charles, Richard and Holland. Holland and I decided to dress up in wigs and erotic wear....and then did a strip tease while the guys put dollar bills in our bras and panties!! But as far as alone time, I find that sometimes it's the simple things that give the most guys never get tired of back scratches, foot rubs, shoulder rubs, soaking in the jacuzi.....and let's just be honest here......(the guys) wouldn't complain if I greeted them at the door (dressed as Gemini girl suggested) and took them straight to the bedroom for a nice erotic sexual encounter.....and then proceeded to go straight to sleep.
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