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Originally Posted by london View Post
No idea what they do in the bedroom butshe said that she is his girlfriend.
Exactly. You have no idea what they do in the bedroom, so why label her as vanilla?

You're always free to read between the lines, but that means sometimes you'll guess wrong. When someone points out that you guessed wrong, the graceful response is "oops, I misunderstood, sorry" and not to keep arguing your point just because you won't admit your mistake.

I'm not saying that the OP has no place in his life anymore, but it isn't surprising that he, a Dom has found a compatible sub, and has fallen head over heels.
Maybe not, but it's unkind to dig around in the wound of someone who is hurting. If someone is told that their relationship will be treated as a priority, and then that changes, it's natural to feel shocked and devastated. Telling her she should have seen it coming is not helpful advice and contributes nothing to the discussion, aside from pumping up your own sense of superiority. Mislabelling her only salts the wound.

I've made the point I have to make. Knowing your argument style and your need to have the last word, I don't expect you to let it lie, but I will disengage from discussion on the matter.
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