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Originally Posted by london View Post
You don't have to explain anything. What it means is that you're expected to analyse whether something is lawful and right without full information. You could, in theory, blow up a building that has bad guys in it and not know or be told that behind it is a school because that information was deemed irrelevant. So now, you've killed a bunch of kids. Some people could deal with that thinking they just followed orders, I couldnt and I doubt you could either. But we'll see.
Ah I understand what you mean, and I agree with your point.~

We do the best with the information that we have at the time, that is why it is helpful to try to be prepared and gather as much information as you can find, but this still does not cancel out the possibility that some thing might just be what we didn't expect it to be.~

As military people we accept the possibility that these kinds of things might happen and we take full responsibility for what ever may happen as a result of our actions or inactions whether we had full knowledge of such things or not.~

Personally, I don't think I'd end up a situation of direct combat, because my job is to study the sky, the weather, and the ocean and how they all interact together, but there is always the possibility of becoming engaged in direct combat or ending up in a situation like the one you described.~

I think it would tear me apart inside to severely hurt any one and to kill any thing (Human or not), I don't know every thing about what I might do because honestly some things you just don't know until the situation is already happening, but in the end it is up me to decide what to do in that kind of situation: no one is going to jump inside my body and pull the trigger of a gun for me (that I know of), and I have to decide where to aim it.~
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