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thanks for the opinions and feedback.

first, we're all women, no men in this situation, thankfully (no offense guys).

mostly im concerned about about the co-dependency that's been operating for a long time here. i am wary not jealous because of what i've witnessed going on between the two of them, albeit from a safe distance.

but yes, my boundaries are about keeping myself safe which i guess is a backwards way of controlling that thing over there. i know i don't want to be a passive aggressive controller person so i've got to to think about what i can ask for that isn't sideways or backwards. watching my girlfriend get steamrolled, not stick up for herself and become re-enmeshed in a former relationship that wasn't meeting any of her needs (her words not my viewpoint) is not something i want to put myself through.

the question i think i need to be asking myself is that if the reunion happens how much co-dependency will i put up with - where is my threshold? i've got to dig a little deeper here.

thanks again for the perspective.
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