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GS -- yes, maybe so. I tend to think in absolutist terms, and I tend to believe that what people say or write is what they really mean. But as you write, people are not necessarily as yes-or-no or as straightforward and certain of themselves as they seem.

I'm very naive. Until the last six months I hadn't dated since I was 19 or 20, and I'm 54 now. But honesty and transparency are central to who I am. And the few women who've given me feedback say they value those things even more than my manly virile growth of ear hairs. (Go figure.)

But yeah, I'm currently de-emphasizing the online dating stuff because of my perceptions about it, and doing trad things like taking a dance class and joining a hiking club. Very 20th-century of me. Really, though, I'm having too much fun to complain.
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