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Originally Posted by mewster View Post
Girlfriend is saying she won't get back together unless they go to couples counseling and doesn't think it is possible to become lovers with her again. She does want to try and transition the ex-lovership into friendship.
Sounds like she's managing her relationship.

Have you taken an honest look at what it is exactly you are afraid of? My shot in the dark guess is that you're afraid he'll come back in her life and force you out. Or is it the potential drama associated with having a toxic metamour?

In either case, if she were waffling and of weak moral character then it might be reasonable to assume there will be trouble. At this point it might be a good idea to plan your exit strategy. If she's a grown woman entirely capable of managing her own relationships then you might just be letting your insecurity fog up your vision and prompt you to take action on something that is not your business.
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