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1st and foremost-enjoy each day.

After you have that down, remember to take time to look into yourself and ensure you are being real and true to your NEEDS and goals.

After that work on SHARING your appreciation to THEM-both of them individually and together when applicable for the effort THEY make to help you in meeting your needs/desires etc.

After that look to see what each of their needs are and how you can help with those without failing to meet your own.

Overall-be happy!

Maca (my husband of 11 years) had a big issue with looking for where the problems would arise-makes everyone miserable.

When he started focusing on being happy-he found that we have a KICKASS life and he likes it, for real. Then he started noticing all of the little things he likes and that started making all of us like being around him more, which in turn made for MORE fun and enjoyable times for him (and us)-so be happy!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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